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Reese is a newblood with an ability that gives him immunity from pain and the ability to heal.


King's Cage[]

Reese is on the airjet that rescues Cal and Mare from Archeon. When he attempts to heal Mare, it triggers her memory of the Silent Stone manacles and she smacks him away. He remains understanding and kind.

After Cal and Mare's vicious sparring match, Reese refuses to heal them. He explains that the protocol is if the injuries are not life-threatening, people have to spend twenty-four hours with their injuries. He tells them that they need to know what their abilities do to each other. Mare understands, remembering her Training at the Hall of the Sun. Silvers didn't care about hurting one another because the effects didn't last as a skin healer was always there waiting. Premier Davidson tells Reese to break protocol as he needs Cal and Mare ready to fight.

War Storm[]

Reese is part of the overthrow of New Town. He heals Kilorn after he is thrown off a building by a Silver.


Reese is kind and caring, a common trait in healers. He is also very disciplined and does not like being asked to break protocol, even by Premier Davidson. He is able to stay focused during a crisis and in the middle of battle.

Physical Description[]

Reese has red hair.


Reese has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. As a result, he has the ability to heal other people.