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Riette is a Red Riverman and one of the polers on Ashe's keelboat.


Riette is Freeland born and raised. She started working with Ashe's crew in 320 NE, when she joined the keel life, taking cargo and sometimes refugees, down south or northwest.

In 321 NE, as part of Ashe's crew, Riette is aboard the keel that transports the Silver princess, Lyrisa, and a Red family pleading for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. Along the way, the keel is attacked by Orrian Cygnet who is trying to get Lyrisa back. With Ashe and the crew's help, they all manage to escape. Ashe is puzzled by Lyrisa's actions to save the Red boy and, despite Riette's suggestion to leave the princess behind, he decides to transfer the four members of the Red family to another captain's boat and they continue helping Lyrisa.

When Orrian and his Silver nobles eventually catch up to them and attack his boat again, Riette helps put in motion the plan Ashe and the crew had previously discussed with Lyrisa and they explode the keel. Riette jumps into the water to survive the explosion and waits with Ashe and the crew on the bank of the river to see if there were any survivors, before they go into the market town.[1]


Riette is kind and does her job well.

Physical Description[]

Riette has brown hair, which she uses in two tight braids, and a gap-toothed grin. She has a worn look and is scarred from her work on the river.


Keel crew[]

Riette is close friends with the three members of the keelboat, Big Ean, Gill and her captain, Ashe. They have each other's backs and she, along with the crew, constantly teases Ashe about him being "smitten" by Lyrisa.


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