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The Rivermen are people who make their living smuggling refugees and illegal goods by river.


Rivermen are mainly from the Freelands. There are both Red and Silver Rivermen, though most of them are Red. The few Silvers among them keep mainly to the south, living on the Tiraxean border or cities on the Great River, to avoid the risk of meeting other Silvers.

Rivermen usually take cargo, stolen crates of things from various countries, and sometimes people fleeing the Crownlands - what they call the lands under Silver rule -, down south or northwest. Many Rivermen do not accept to transport Silvers on their boats, either because of their hatred for them or because they believe they are not worth the risk, regardless of the payment. When they are approached by Crownland patrols, they usually bribe them to get safe passage. There are certain captains who usually travel together. Rumors and news travel fast among the Rivermen.[1]


At some point, the Scarlet Guard made contacts among the Rivermen to help transport their operatives up and down the river. Old Toby works exclusively for them.

In 321 NE, Ashe and his crew - Big Ean, Gill and Riette - transport the Piedmont princess Lyrisa and a Red family pleading for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. Along the journey, they are attacked by Orrian Cygnet and his Silver nobles, persecuting Lyrisa.[1]

After the Nortan Civil War, the Rivermen continue helping the Scarlet Guard, ferrying resources and personel in and out of Sanctum.[2]

Known Rivermen[]




  • The most busy points of crossing for the Rivermen are the Geminas city port, the Memphia islands, the Gates of Mizostium and the major confluences along the Great River.


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