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Robert Iral was the consort of Tiberias Calore V.


Robert was the the prince consort of King Tiberias Calore V. He carried the title of Prince at the king's request for decades. When King Tiberias V became ill, Robert in turn began to die as well, of a broken heart. He died a few months after the king.


He was considered kind and the royal family were very protective of him. Even the Queen Anabel loved him like family and Tiberias Calore VI called him Uncle Robert

Physical Description[]

He wore a small crown similar to that of Queen Anabel, but it contained no gems. It is said he had a fiercely bright smile, long ebony hair, and flawless bronze skin. His laugh was considered musical and Coriane Jacos thought he had a kind look, which was strange considering he had been at court for decades.


  • His sister was Ara Iral, who later became a famous spy, nicknamed the Panther.