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Quote1.png "She's like an earthquake in tiny human form, breaking apart anything and everything in her way." Quote2.png
Mare Barrow describing Rohr Rhambos during Queenstrial

Rohr Rhambos is a strongarm and a member of House Rhambos.


Red Queen[]

Rohr was the first contestant to compete in Prince Tiberias Calore VII's Queenstrial, using her strength to pulverize the statues in the arena while cracking the ground around her. She destroys the floor in a whirlwind She also attempted to use her natural beauty on the prince, but according to Mare Barrow she looked foolish doing so. Ultimately she lost to the favorite of the event: Evangeline Samos.

Glass Sword[]

Ada Wallace, a newblood housemaid in service to House Rhambos who is rescued from arrest by King Maven Calore's forces, reveals Rohr wanted a bear cub for a pet, but the bears kept by her father and brothers, Ryker and Rydal were killed before any could breed.

Physical Description[]

Rohr has doe eyes and honey-blond hair. She is also very small, looking no older than fourteen, but has hands that are unusually large. According to Mare she "looks like a mouse." She looks liable to blow away in a strong breeze.[1]


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