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Ruth Barrow (née Cassan) is a Red and the mother of Mare Barrow and her siblings.


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Ruth is caring and protective over her children and husband. Ruth acts as a parental substitute to Kilorn. She often must hold back tears over the fates of her family. She has hope for them despite the fact that one by one they are conscripted and taken from her. She is especially brokenhearted when Shade is reported dead.

Ruth is a tough woman who has survived a lot. If she wants her family to do something, they will do it. For all her power, Mare is still unwilling to go against her mom. Ruth always tries to keep a smile and a positive outlook, even in the face of darkness and oppression.

Physical Description[]

Ruth is described as having dark brown eyes and graying brown hair. She wears her hair in twisted braids and neat buns, always keeping it out of her face. She has golden skin and wrinkles. Mare notices how being in Montfort makes Ruth look healthier, and how it brings a glow to her. She seems softened.


Mare Barrow[]

Ruth and her daughter love each other very much. Mare and her mother used to have a strained relationship, for Ruth did not approve of Mare's pickpocketing, and Mare often felt that her mother wished she were more like her younger sister.[1] Once Mare joins the Scarlet Guard, their relationship improves a lot. Ruth is constantly worried for her daughter and nannies her a lot when Mare returns home, even cuddling Mare on her bed in more than one occasion to comfort her. Ruth is very proud of her daughter and all that she has done.


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