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Ryker Rhambos was a strongarm and a member of House Rhambos.


Red Queen[]

Ryker attended Cal's Queenstrial to support his sister, Rohr, who was a participant.

When Cal and Mare are sentenced to execution at the Bowl of Bones, Ryker is selected by Maven as one of their executioners, along with Ptolemus and Evangeline Samos, Lord Osanos, and Stralian Haven.

Ryker attacks Mare, throwing massive chunks of concrete at her. He continues raining concrete down on her. Ryker prowls the arena, eyes locked on Mare, waiting to pull her apart. Cal manages to throw a fireball at him, causing Ryker to jump back. Ryker continues to throw concrete at Mare and Cal. He chases Mare, ripping up pipes called up by the Samos siblings, and throwing them at her like spears. Ryker advances on her, pushing her back toward the gate to the arena where Rane Arven is standing. Rane is keeping Mare from using her ability. Ryker continues throwing rocks and metal at her. He aims a long, jagged pipe at Mare and hurls it at her. Mare drops to the ground at the last moment, and the pipe spears Rane through his middle. Immediately her ability returns and she is shown on the video screens bleeding Red blood but having a Silver-like ability. Before Ryker can take more than one step away from her, she violently electrocutes him to death.


Ryker is a powerful strongarm. He trained by killing animals such as bears.


Ryker is a typical cruel Silver noble. He seems to enjoy being an executioner. According to Ada Wallace, a housemaid in his father's Harbor Bay mansion, Ryker, Rydal, and Rem liked to hunt beats and put them into pits located at their countryside estate to fight them. They would use their ability as strongarms to break the animals' necks. 

Physical Description[]

Like many strongarms, he is massive. He is a "monster of muscle" but slow.[1]