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Ryker Rhambos was a member of House Rhambos and one of Cal and Mare's executioners at the Bowl of Bones.


Early yearsEdit

Ryker was one of the sons of Governor Rhambos and the brother of the Queenstrial participant, Rohr. According to Ada Wallace, Governor Rhambos and his sons hunted beasts (more commonly bears) and put them into pits in their estate. Ryker participated in fighting and breaking the bears' necks, as a part of his training.

At the Bowl of BonesEdit

For Cal and Mare's execution at the Bowl, Ryker becomes one of their executioners, along with Ptolemus and Evangeline Samos, Lord Osanos, and Stralian Haven. When Mare gets her lightning back after killing Rane Arven, she electrocutes Ryker which kills him at once.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Ryker is a powerful strongarm, having been trained into killing beasts before. 

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