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Salida is a newblood whose ability of intangibility enables her to pass through solid objects, such as walls, tables, and even other living beings. She is a General of The Free Republic of Montfort under Premier Dane Davidson and is allied with the Scarlet Guard.


Salida first appears briefly, though not mentioned by name, in Chapter 9 of King's Cage. Claiming to be a former servant of House Eagrie, she presents herself before King Maven and the assembled court nobles. She shows off her abilities by first phasing through a wall and then through a Sentinel. It is revealed later that she was doing reconnaissance for Montfort at the time.

Salida appears again in Chapter 21, where she reveals that she is a Montfort General. During the debriefing meeting in Piedmont following The Wedding Battle, Salida officially introduces herself to Mare and confirms that she is the same newblood with intangibility that Mare saw back in Archeon.


General Salida shows compassion toward Mare, expressing regret at not being able to prevent Nanny's discovery and emergency suicide in Maven's Court. Her time working as a spy is indicative of her commitment to the cause and of her ability to maintain level-headed in highly stressful situations.

Physical Description[]

According to Mare, Salida is a heavyset woman with dark hair, brown skin, and "built like an ox" (King's Cage, pg. 280) "with biceps to rival Cal's" (King's Cage, pg. 92). She is estimated to be about forty years old.


Salida is a newblood with the ability to “phase” her body through solid matter. She demonstrates this multiple times, first in Maven's Court where she phases through a wall and a Sentinel, and later in Piedmont when she passes her hand through the table at Mare's debriefing.