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Salin Iral is the eldest son of Ara Iral and the current Lord of House Iral.


King's Cage[]

Following the failed assassination attempt on King Maven Calore, Salin and the rest of his House ally themselves to the self-proclaimed King of the Rift, Volo Samos. He, along with Jerald Haven and Anabel Lerolan, agree that Cal must be returned to his rightful place on the throne. They form an alliance between the Kingdom of the Rift and the Kingdom of Norta.

After the battle at Corvium, Volo Samos is enraged that Salin failed to kill Maven or prevent him from escaping. Salin tries to defend himself by explaining that he was able to kill King Orrec Cygnet, the king of the Lakelands. However, this further incites Volo's wrath because Salin has killed a king of a sovereign nation. Now Salin has given the Lakelands the incentive to strengthen their support of Maven. Volo strips Salin of his titles and responsibilities. He tells House Iral to redistribute them as they see fit and to remove Salin from the room.

War Storm[]

His life ends at the hands of Iris Cygnet and Queen Cenra Cygnet at Province Island after they made a trade in exchange for Maven to the Scarlet Guard and Silver Elite.

Physical Description[]

Salin has black hair.