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Quote1.png "You were wrong to kill Elara. She was a surgeon with minds. I am a butcher." Quote2.png
— Samson Merandus to Mare Barrow

Samson Merandus was a whisper from the House Merandus and the cousin of Maven Calore


Red Queen[]

Samson fights against Cantos Carros in the August Feats of First Friday in Mare Barrow's village, the Stilts. Mare thinks he's "probably the second son of a second son, trying to win renown in the arena."[1]

At the start of the fight, Cantos barrels forward like a bull. He gets hold of Samson's leg and tosses him across the arena like he weighs nothing. Cantos then heaves Samson skyward and he hits the sand in a heap. Cantos goes to attack Samson again when Samson uses his whisper ability to take control of his mind. Cantos tries to fight Samson's power, but can't. Samson makes Cantos plunge his sword into his own stomach. This ends the battle. As Samos strides from the arena victorious his gaze falls on Cantos. Mare expects him to look apologetic, instead his face is blank, emotionless, and cold.

Mare is surprised to see Samson at the Hall of the Sun at the start of Queenstrial. She makes a note to herself not to run into him or his deadly abilities.

King's Cage[]

Following Elara Merandus's death, Samson takes her place at Maven's side at court. He petitions several times to interrogate Mare, which Maven always denies until Evangeline brings her to court and inadvertently forces Maven's hand. Maven relents, and Samson begins his full assault in Mare's mind, scouring through her memories and making her relive Elara and Shade's deaths multiple times. By the time he is done with her, he leaves Mare weak, heartbroken, and cautious of his presence.

Samson is present when Maven meets with King Orrec Cygnet to end the Lakelander War. Maven dismisses his cousin from the meeting at the request of King Orrec, as in the Lakelands no whisper is allowed near the king or ruling family. Samson unwillingly leaves.

Samson Merandus participates in Feats of First Friday while Mare Barrow and Kilorn Warren watch.

During the Wedding Battle, Samson successfully takes control of Cal's mind and forces him to try and kill Mare. When she realizes what's happening, she attempts to kill Samson. He then switch his control to her mind. Samson continues going back and forth between the two, until Cal is finally able to overpower him and together, Cal and Mare electrocute and burn him to death.


Samson is a very lethal whisper and fighter. He shows no remorse during a battle, never hesitating to show his brutality when using his ability against his enemies. He tortures Mare with her memories of Shade's death, and haunts her with his piercing presence. After Elara's death, Samson tries to take her place as the one who controls Maven. Samson's biggest personality trait is his sadism. He enjoys torturing people by forcing them to relive their worst memories over and over. He also likes to leave his victims aware while he controls them, so they are forced to helplessly watch themselves do horrible things.

Physical Description[]

Samson looks a lot like his family members, with pale skin, ash-blond hair, and blue eyes. When he fights in First Friday, he wears fine, blue, steel armor that's polished to a high sheen.