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Quote1 You were wrong to kill Elara. She was a surgeon with minds. I am a butcher. Quote2
— Samson's first words to Mare

Samson Merandus was a whisper from the House Merandus and the brother of Elara Merandus

Biography Edit

The Feats Edit

Samson was fighting in the arena against the strongarm Cantos Carros during August Feats of First Friday, which took place in the arena in the Stilts. He initially let himself get attacked by the strongarm several times. When Cantos was about to deliver the last blow, Samson used his ability and controlled Cantos' body to do his bidding. He manipulated Cantos to stab himself in the stomach with his sword and ended the battle. While the Reds were herded out of the arena, Samson's gaze fell on Cantos' body and showed no remorse for the strongarm's state.


Samson was present during the Queenstrial as he was recognized by Mare Barrow when she was serving the other Silvers.

Guardian to the KingEdit

Following Elara Merandus's death, Samson takes his place on Maven's side in the court. He has several petitions to interrogate Mare, which Maven always denies until Evangeline presents Mare to the Silver Elites for interrogation. Maven relents, and Samson begins his full assault in Mare's mind, scouring through her memories and making her see Elara and Shade's deaths. By the time he is done with her, he leaves Mare weak and cautious of his presence.

He accompanies Maven throughout his reign, though Maven does not truly trust Samson. The whisper is present when Maven meets with the king and princess of the Lakelands. Maven dismisses his cousin due to the Lakelander rule that no whisper should be near to the king. Samson departs, much to his loath.

During the ensuing chaos in Archeon, Samson successfully takes hold on Cal's mind and makes him fight against Mare. He switches his control on them, back and forth, until Cal finally overpowers him and Mare electrocutes him to death.


Samson is a very lethal whisper and fighter. He shows no remorse during a battle, never hesitating to show his brutality when using his ability against his enemies. He tortures Mare with her memories of Shade's death, and haunts her with his piercing presence. As Maven suggests, it is possible that Samson (like Elara) aims to control Maven.

Physical description Edit

Samson looks a lot like his family members, with pale skin, ash-blond hair and blue eyes. 

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