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Sara Skonos is a skin healer and the best friend of Coriane Jacos and Julian Jacos.


Queen Song[]

Sara is a childhood friend of Coriane and Julian, and they grew up together. Sara is the daughter of Lord Skonos. When Sara turned fifteen, she moved permanently to the Royal Court. Coriane notes how after just a few months, Sara appeared drained and her once bright eyes were now full of shadows. Sara has come to Coriane's home to celebrate her birthday.

Sometime after Coriane's death and Elara Merandus becoming queen, Sara mentioned the truth about Coriane's death and the queen punished her for it by cutting out her tongue. No one was willing to go against the queen by healing her. Since then Sara has been mute.

Red Queen[]

Sara meets Mare Barrow after being called by Maven at Julian's orders, because she couldn't speak about Mare's Red blood. Once Mare's injuries were healed, she quickly left the premises to avoid Maven. Sara attempts to flee Archeon with Julian. Maven tells Mare and Cal that he caught them before they could escape.

Glass Sword[]

Mare and Cal learn that Sara and Julian have been imprisoned in Corros Prison, along with many newbloods and Silvers who resist Maven. Cal is adamant that they break Sara and Julian out of the prison.

King's Cage[]

Sara and Julian continue to be with the Scarlet Guard. Sara helps Cameron Cole control her ability. She also heals Gisa Barrow's hand and Daniel Barrow's leg and lungs. Sara is finally able to find another skin healer to heal her, giving her the ability to speak again.


She has been described as being very loyal and outspoken. Even after she regains the ability to speak, she remains quiet. She also appears to be stubborn.

Physical Description[]

Sara has gray eyes, sharp cheekbones, and pale skin. When she is with Julian and Coriane her smile comes easily. Coriane notes that Sara grew prettier by the day. Her voice is a melody.[1]

Mare describes Sara to be about Julian's age. She has sunken, hollow cheeks and wrinkles.


Julian Jacos[]

Julian grew up alongside Sara, and is said by Mare that Julian must had loved Sara once, and still does. Sara was also his sister's best friend.


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