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Sara Skonos is a skin healer and was Coriane Jacos's best friend. At one point, she seemed to have a romantic relationship with Julian Jacos. She was shamed by Queen Elara Merandus by forcing her to mutilate her own tongue as punishment. As a skin healer, she cannot heal her own wounds, forcing her to live mute until she had her tongue healed.


Early life and after Coriane's deathEdit

Sara grew up with Julian and Coriane. Sometime after Coriane's death and Elara becoming queen, Sara mentioned the truth about Coriane's death and the queen punished her for it by cutting off her own tongue. No one was able to help her as it was the queen's punishment and she was unable to heal herself, causing her to be mute forever, until another healer grew back her tongue. Although she got her tongue back, she still didn't speak much.

Meeting Mare BarrowEdit

Sara met Mare Barrow after being called by Maven at Julian's orders, because she couldn't speak about Mare's red blood. Once Mare's injuries were healed, she quickly left the premises to avoid the younger prince.

Eventual captureEdit

At some point in time, Sara joined Julian in his escape as they were eventually captured by Maven's forces following Mare and Cal's imprisonment. Maven mentioned that he will kill Sara first to finish what his mother had started, revealing the truth behind Coriane's death and why Sara was punished for it.


She has been described as being very loyal and had a quiet love for Julian before and after her tongue was cut out.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mare describes Sara to be about Julian's age. She has sunken hollow cheeks and wrinkles.


  • Julian mentions that Sara used to have a beautiful voice.
  • She was Coriane's head lady-in-waiting and Cal's physician.
  • In Kings Cage, Sara's tongue is healed allowing her to be able to speak again.
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