Quote1.png "Rise, Red as the dawn." Quote2.png
— The official motto of the Scarlet Guard

The Scarlet Guard is a militant resistance group of Red rebels, who stand for the freedom and equality of all people living in Silver kingdoms, starting with Reds. The guard was formed sometime between 290 and 300 NE in the Kingdom of the Lakelands.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Scarlet Guard banner

The Guard originally functioned as a network of undercover operatives and teams of soldiers scattered across several Silver kingdoms. However, its alliance with the Free Republic of Montfort has greatly expanded its membership to thousands of soldiers, as well as providing access to vehicles and aircraft, allowing it to wage open war. Silver nobles were surprised to learn that the Scarlet Guard was larger than anyone anticipated, better organized, and more determined than any previous insurrection.

Its leadership is known as Command, a group of Red Generals who coordinate the Guard's activities from a classified location. The Command Generals also serve in the field on various assignments to further the Guard's objectives. Below the Command Generals are Officers. Below Officers are Captains. Ten captains answer to an officer, then each captain is responsible for a larger detachment of soldiers sworn to their captains. Captains also have at least one lieutenant and two guardsmen. In order to protect the identity of its members, everyone is given a code name. Most members only know the real identity of their unit.

[edit | edit source]

The Scarlet Guard banner is a bronze badge, in the shape of a torn-apart sun, on a red background. Gisa Barrow used to sew the Guard's symbol on every red scrap she could find to make flags for them.

Public Image[edit | edit source]

Silvers see the Scarlet Guard members as outlaws and rebels. They consider them a terrorist group and call them "Red devils." King Maven Calore of Norta furthered this image by using Mare Barrow to slander the Guard as "genocidal revolutionaries who aimed to kill all newbloods and Silvers."

Reds have the general impression that the Guard are freedom fighters. They seek them out not only to join up, but for safe passage away from conscription.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally the Scarlet Guard was "the pipe dream of hunters and farmers and empty soldiers" in the Lakelands. An organization ultimately formed to rise against the rule of King Orrec Cygnet, the ruler of the Lakelands. Initially seen as a "rabble," the Guard continued to become more organized, until it was a real threat rather than an inconvenience to Silvers.

One of the Guard's operatives was captured, and under torture gave up the name of a small, overlooked, and unimportant village where the Guard was operating from. King Orrec personally raised the water of the nearby bay, called the Hud, and drowned the entire village as a show of power and the end of the rebellion. Among the casualties of what came to be known as the Drowning of the Northlands, were the family members of Colonel Farley and his daughter Captain Diana Farley.

Instead of ending the rebellion, Reds across the country were inflamed by King Orrec's atrocity. The Colonel told the story up and down the lakes, in countless villages and towns, and the Guard flourished.

The Guard failed in its attempt to take control of the Lakelands' capital, Detraon, as it was found to have formidable defenses and the Guard lacked the intelligence and resources to infiltrate it. However, during Operation Laker, the Guard succeeded in taking control of the central passages of three lakes - Perius, Miskin and Neron -, each one being key to the inner Lakelands.

Operation Red Web[edit | edit source]

Captain Farley was assigned her own operation by Command to travel to the neighboring Kingdom of Norta and establish a network for intelligence gathering and operations against Norta's current ruler, King Tiberias Calore VI. Her mission also included creating a safe house for Red rebels and their families.

Farley succeeded in establishing links with two smuggling operations, the Whistles and the Mariners. She was able to make a sanctuary in the ruined city of Naercey, near Norta's capital of Archeon. The Guard was able to keep Naercey hidden because Guard operatives in Norta's tech towns sabotaged the machines used to determine radiation levels. This allowed the Guard to make it appear as if Naercey continued to be a radiated wasteland. The Colonel also established a base for the Scarlet Guard on Tuck Island.

During this time, Farley also focused on developing Nortan army contacts in its central military fortress, Corvium. One of the contacts she developed was an officer's aide, Shade Barrow, who joined the Guard. During an engagement with Security forces, Shade revealed his ability to teleport, marking him as a newblood. This is the Guard's first recorded encounter with a newblood.

Known Operations[edit | edit source]

  • Operation Laker
  • Operation Eyes On
  • Operation Red Web
  • Operation Shieldwall
  • Operation Lightning

Known Members[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In 197 NE, there was a group called "Allegiance", which is believed to be the predecessor of the Scarlet Guard.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard
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