Silents are Silvers who can nullify the abilities of other Silvers or newbloods. People in House Arven have this power.


"Silences, also called Silents, are preceptors, unique in their ability to manipulate not themselves or an opponent, but ability itself. A trained and talented silence can effectively render a Silver as useless as any Red, essentially removing even the strongest of abilities. Silences are highly valued for their ability, and often guard royalty, while lesser silences serve as prison overseers or executioners. The raw blood of a silence is also prized, as it is integral to the formation of Silent Stone.

Newblood silents have no distinguished identifier as of yet. Like Silver silences, they can smother or remove an ability for a time. But newblood silences are considered much stronger, able to kill both Red and Silver with their smother ability." - On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

Notable Houses

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