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Silvers are those born with silver blood, which gives them supernatural abilities. They are treated as gods and served by the "lowly Reds" as Silvers believe themselves to be higher than Reds. Moreover, they have a hierarchy within their society: the common Silvers and those that belong to the high Silver Houses. It's been theorized that the Silvers gained their abilities from the remaining effects of the Calamities.

Common Silvers[]

Common Silvers are merchants, businessmen, soldiers, officers, shop owners, politicians, land barons, artists, and intellectuals. Some marry into High Houses and some eventually rise above their station, but they don't have noble blood nor are their abilities as powerful as the Silver Elite.


Silvers have a pale undertone to their skin and are considered to be extremely beautiful. When they blush, their cheeks pale because of their silver blood. They walk elegantly and possess a lot of grace. This is due to the fact that they are trained from an early age to have socially appropriate behavior.

Notable Silvers[]