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Silver abilities are the superhuman abilities possessed by every Silver. There are a lot of different abilities characteristic to Silvers, like telekinesis, superhuman strength, healing, and manipulation and control of natural elements, animals, metal, and minds.

Each Silver House is famous for a specific ability and often uses it to showcase their capabilities in events such as the Feats of First Friday or the Queenstrial.


It is largely believed that Silver abilities were created during the Calamities. The radiation caused many humans to mutate, with most dying off. The ones who survived developed abilities over the course of generations and became the Silvers of the present day.[1]

The earliest record of Silver abilities was in 950 OE, when Barr Rambler first displayed his strongarm abilities during his trial for thievery.[1][2]

Since then, these abilities were unique only to Silvers until a mutation in some of the Reds allowed them to possess similar abilities, with greater power and extent.[3]


Silver abilities are part of every Silver at birth. The abilities are usually passed from the father to the children with the rare occurrence of a child inheriting the mother's ability instead.[1] At first, children cannot control their abilities. The abilities are triggered by emotions and usually present themselves in times of fear or stress, until the Silvers learn how to control it and use the abilities to their advantage.[3]

In addition, Silver abilities are limited to manipulation of a particular element and are unable to create it, unlike Newblood abilities. For example, burners, such as Tiberias Calore VII and Maven Calore, are unable to create fire and require a metal bracelet that creates sparks in order to use their ability at will.[3] Note that this only applies to elementals, as other types of silvers do not manipulate elements but rather themselves, someone else, or something non-physical.

Known Abilities[]


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