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Simon is a Red and the son of Jem and Daria. He is one of the passengers aboard captain Ashe's boat.


During the chaos of the Wedding Battle, Simon's parents escape the palace and flee Archeon with him and his sister, Melly. They travel a long way to the Disputed Lands where they plead for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. Captain Ashe chooses them among the crowd and they secure passage on his boat, along with a Silver princess, Lyrisa.

Along the journey, Simon is quiet, keeping still and close to his mothers. When Lyrisa's betrothed Orrian Cygnet attacks the boat trying to get the princess back, Simon is pulled underwater by Orrian's nymph ability. He fights against the current, trying not to drown, and is saved by Lyrisa with the help of Ashe and his crew. After he is rescued his mothers attend to him, wrapping Simon in dry blankets. When they all manage to escape out alive, Ashe decides to transfer Simon and his family to his fellow captain's boat to keep them safe.[1]


Simon is quiet, barely speaking at all. He is not fearful, brazenly staring at Lyrisa, even though she is a Silver princess.

Physical Description[]

Simon has black, round eyes and golden-brown hair, like his sister. He has strong, little arms and thin legs.


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