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Sonya Iral is a silk and a member of House Iral.


Red Queen[]

Sonya was House Iral's candidate in the Queenstrial, but lost to Evangeline Samos. Sonya greets Mare Barrow on her first day as Lady Mareena Titanos. She introduces her to her grandmother, Lady Ara Iral, and enjoys watches Mare's discomfort.

At Training, she fights against Andros Eagrie, an eye. As a silk, Sonya is brutally skilled and fast, but Andros matches her blow for blow using his ability to as an eye. Neither one seems to gain the upper hand, playing a game of balance rather than strength.

King's Cage[]

She was an officer at Whitefire Palace. Mare tells her how her grandmother was a prisoner of Corros Prison and that she freed her. Mare then tells her how she helped Mare during the battle there and that Ptolemus Samos was the one who killed her.


She falls into the usual description of silks, being usually quiet and quick. She is proud and doesn't like to be challenged. She is cold and unwelcoming towards Mare, and is like a cat playing with a mouse.

Physical Description[]

Sonya is described as dark, with deeply tanned skin and black hair. Mare also notes that she is very catlike, with quick and lithe movements. Her nails are painted the color of iron.