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Stralian Haven was a shadow of House Haven.


Red Queen[]

Stralian was one of Mare and Cal's executioners in the Bowl of Bones. He makes the first move against them. He uses his ability to turn invisible. Cal uses his ability to burn Stralian. Lord Osanos, one of the other executioners, puts the fire on him out. He turns invisible again, and chokes Mare. As he's choking her, he growls in her ear, "Red and dead."[1] Mare tries to fight him off, but is weak from lack of air and black spots dot her vision. She finally is able to stab her thumbs into Stralian's eye sockets, making him release her.

Ptolemus and Evangeline Samos, two more executioners, use their ability to turn the pipes and wires in the arena into shards of metal spikes. One of the spikes stabs Stralian where he kneels, still screaming over his eyes. The pipe goes straight through him. The crowd screams and gasps at the sight.


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