The Sun Shooting was an event in Red Queen when at the Parting Ball, the Scarlet Guard attempted to kill four members of the Silver Elite: Colonel Macanthos, Reynald Iral, Belicos Lerolan, and Ptolemus Samos. They were targeted for their major roles in the Nortan government.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sun Shooting happened in the Spiral Garden.
  • Mare Barrow, being part of the Scarlet Guard, used her electrical abilities to turn off the lights and cameras in the room.
    • This gave the members of the Scarlet Guard that committed the act, Kilorn, Walsh, Tristan, and their captain Farley, time to escape through the tunnels.
      • Unfortunately, this did not work, as the Sentinels and Cal eventually find the four and drag them to a dungeon where they are tortured for information.
  • When Prince Cal used his fire abilities, it ignited a gas leak under the floor of the Spiral Garden, causing an explosion that killed eight people, including Belicos Lerolan's twin sons.
  • Ptolemus Samos was healed instantly by a skin healer. Revived, he stomped through the Hall of the Sun's doors, tore open the cell bars, and sent a bar straight through Tristan's heart.
    • When he turned onto Kilorn, Mare snapped and electrocuted Ptolemus, stopping him from killing any more of the prisoners.