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Techie is a term used to refer to Reds who live in one of the Tech Towns.


When Mare sees a Tech Town for the first time, she notices "the king doesn't need to show off here. They are broken from birth."[1] The workers never see daylight because of the constant pollution. They make the lights, cameras, video screen, guns, bullets, bombs, ships, and transports. They keep the power running, the water clean, they do everything for Silvers. "And they receive nothing but smoke in return."[1] Most techies will never leave their own alley.

Techies are not allowed to conscript. Their lives are so terrible that the war is a better alternative, and they aren't allowed to go.


During the war Mare works with, and tries to save, the Techies and newbloods that she finds there. The war destroys over half of the Tech Towns.


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