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Copy the following code and fill it in accordingly.

| description = 
| series      = 
| source      = 
| author      = 
| origin      = 
| cats        = 
| license     = 

What to put in the parameters

This is a list of what else can be entered for each parameter aside from the values given in the examples.

  1. Description: A short description of the image, preferably with some context.
  2. Series:
    1. 1 for Red Queen;
    2. 2 for Glass Sword;
    3. 3 for King's Cage;
  3. Source: If taken from an official source online, state the title and include the link.
  4. Author: State author/owner of the image.
  5. Origin: If taken from other site, state it like so: [url Site Name].
  6. Cats: Subjects appearing on the image (e.g. Mare Barrow|).
  7. License:
    1. "Fairuse" for non-free images;
    2. "CC-BY-SA" for CC-BY-SA (used by Wikipedia and Wikia) images;
    3. "GFDL" for GNU Free Documentation License images;
    4. "PD" for Public Domain images;
    5. "PD-self" for Public Domain images uploaded by their creator;
    6. "Permission" for when the owner of the image has given full permission for it to be used freely;
    7. "Wikimedia" for images from Wikimedia;
    8. "None" for images with no license available.
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