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Quote1.png It’s dead and gray, like the future of the war. Quote2.png
Mare Barrow describing the Choke

The Choke is the place where many soldiers are sent to fight. Most soldiers are Red, forced to go fight due to conscription. The place is irrepairably destroyed after centuries of ongoing fighting in the Lakelander War.


Mare describes the Choke:

"The Choke is the bombed-out strip of land connecting Norta to the Lakelands, where most of the war is fought. Soldiers spend the majority of their time there, ducking in trenches doomed to explode or making daring pushes that end in a massacre. The rest of the border is mainly lake, though in the far north it becomes tundra too cold and barren to fight over. Now the Choke is so destroyed by decades of battle, the smoke of explosions is a constant fog and nothing can grow there. It’s dead and gray, like the future of the war."[1]


The Iron Road leads to the Choke and is a few miles down the road to Rocasta. The Choke is the border between Norta and the Lakelands


  • The Kingdom of the Lakelands call the Choke Mour.[2]