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The Disputed Lands, known as the Freelands to its citizens, is ruled by anarchy.


The Disputed Lands do not speak Common and keep a different calendar from Norta. The Disputed Lands surround the Great River. Their borders are strange and always changing. Silvers do not control this land, unlike what happens in the other kingdoms, like Norta. Even so, there is a clear divide and Reds and Silvers live apart.

Not much is known about the Disputed Lands, other than the fact that the Lakelands, Piedmont, Prairie, and even Tiraxes fight over this stretch of mud, swamp, hill, and tree. They fight for control of the river, mostly.

Most of the Rivermen are born and raised in the Freelands.

Notable Locations[]

  • Mizostium
    • The East Gate of Mizostium is a better part of the city than most. It is a comfortable and strong community with deep roots, and Red and Silver streets both. It has lovely fountains and gardens. Ashe's mother lives there.
  • Memphia