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The Free Republic of Montfort is a representative republic. It is bordered on the east by the Prairie Lands and the Kingdom of Tiraxes. On its western border is the Kingdom of Ciron.


The Free Republic of Montfort was formed from the collapse of several smaller mountain kingdoms ruled by Silver overlords and monarchs. The new government relies on people's representation, from both sides of the blood divide. Representatives are elected from communities within the Republic to serve in the People's Assembly, where an even split of Red and Silvers is maintained. The head of state is known as a premier. While the first premier was elected directly by the People's Assembly, the system has expanded to utilize a national vote. Elections for the premier are held every three years. Premier Dane Davidson is several years into his term.

Some have accused Montfort of empire building, as it appears to hold sway over the other governments.

Known Premiers[]


Montfort is the only nation on the continent with blood equality, which was only achieved after total civil war. Following the collapse of the mountain kingdoms and the formation of Montfort, the Silvers who chose to remain in the Republic swore an oath to uphold the new status quo. They were granted amnesty for any crimes committed before or during the wars. This approach was championed by Leonide Radis, a Silver prince of the former kingdom of Tetonia, who abdicated his throne in favor of the Republic.


Montfort is a mountainous country, which helps provide natural defenses against invasion from other countries. There is still-chaotic volcanic activity in the northwest and the barren Grand Desert on the Cironian border to the west. The eastern mountain range is vast. The slopes rise like knife edges, too sharp and high, like jagged, gigantic teeth. Some of the peaks are bare, as if trees can't grow that high. Other peaks have snow, even in summer.[1]

The majority of Montfort's population is clustered in the east. The capital city of Ascendant is the largest city in the nation. The port city of Cascade is the only Montfortan holding on the Western Ocean.


Because of both geography and national borders, the crossing too Montfort is very difficult for any hoping to reach the Free Republic. However, large migrant populations exist, mostly from neighboring Prairie. Montfort maintains a policy of open borders to any willing to accept a blood-equal society. Migrating Silvers are subject to greater scrutiny than Reds, but welcome. Silvers immigrating to Montfort must swear to uphold the blood laws, dictating the equality of all humans, as well as restricting speech or actions seeking to diminish the value of red-blooded humans. Punishments for Silvers attempting to undermine blood equality are harsh deterrents, ranging from exile to execution.

Montfort reportedly has the highest population of newblood citizens, called Ardents in Montfort. Though this number is impossible to ascertain as Silver-led nations either do not recognize the existence of newbloods or have not begun recording them. Many newbloods are refugees and are met likely to join the Montfortan military to defend their adopted home.

The Montfortan military, due in large part to the information kept in the vaults of Horn Mountain, is very technologically advanced. The Free Republic also champions military recruitment, and most citizens serve or served in the military in some capacity. The wars to form Montfort are fresh in most minds, and most citizens are eager to spread their way of life to their oppressed Red brethren. Montfortans share a pride in their country and its duty to free the world.[2]

Research into Silver and newblood abilities continues to this day in facilities across the continent, with Montfort leading the charge. The current premier, Nortan-born Kilorn Warren, prioritizes education, and thereby history and science. The Montfort efforts of discovery are the best funded among the organized nations.[3]

Notable Locations[]

  • Ascendant
  • Paradise Valley
  • Crownwater
  • Bronco
  • The Painted Gates
  • Cascade
  • Horn Mountain


  • Montfort is based on the Rocky Mountains area of the United States. This area includes Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico.
  • Gay marriage is allowed and respected in Montfort.