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The Kingdom of Ciron is a theocratic monarchy and the westernmost country. The country is bordered by the Kingdom of Tiraxes and the Free Republic of Montfort.


Ciron has two rulers: a monarch and the religious head, known as the Sun's Voice. The two rule together. Before coronation, a perspective monarch must be blessed and accepted by the Voice, which has resulted in several succession crises over the centuries.

Ciron has the longest-standing monarchy on the continent. Its dynasty stretches back more than a thousand years, when Silvers were fewer and were worshipped as gods in their lands.

The current King of Ciron is Ilfonso Finix, a burner of the long-standing Finix Dynasty. The current Sun's Voice is the Silver woman Seranna, a talented shadow of no noble bloodline. Both the crown and the religious post must pass to a burner and a shadow, respectively, for fire and light are the closest mankind comes to the sun upon the earth in Ciron's religion.[1]

At present, the Kingdom of Ciron remains a Silver-led nation.[2]


Like in the Free Republic of Montfort, the northwest coast of Ciron is subject to a large amount of volcanic activity. The large inland sea, known as the Lagamara, is sacred to Cironian religion as well as central to their economy. Its shores are incredibly fertile for agriculture, while a maritime fishing industry flourishes throughout the sea. The border with Montfort is a harsh area called the Grand Desert.

Both the Sun's Voice and the monarchy are based in the city of Solest, a holy place at the tip of the massive peninsula bordering the Lagamara. From there, residents can see both sunrise and sunset, and worship the sun at these holy times.


Reds work both farms and the sea, with their populations centered in the coastal fishing communities as well as on the city outskirts. While Reds are not currently forcibly conscripted into military service, Ciron has been known to do so in time of war.

Due to both distance and the Grand Desert, Ciron is largely removed from the wars of the eastern countries. They treat mostly with the Kingdom of Tiraxes along their southern border, and maintain a shaky neutrality with Montfort.

Notable Locations[]

  • Solest - Capital
  • Amancar
  • Monica
  • Desera


  • Ciron is what is left of the West Coast, up to Cascadia. Part of Mexico is also in Ciron.[3]
  • Even after the Nortan civil war, the Kingdom of Ciron continues to be Silver-led and lacks blood-equality.