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The Kingdom of Tiraxes, or simply known as Tiraxes, is the country located to south of the Free Republic of Montfort and the Prairie Lands.


Tiraxes is a triarchy, meaning there are three monarchs that rule. Each king or queen has their own lands that they rule over independently, but if there is a decision that would affect the whole kingdom, such as going to war, it must be decided upon unanimously. The three triarches are the West, the North, and the Midland. The Midland triarch is the most powerful as they rule over the most people.

After the Nortan Civil War, the Kingdom of Tiraxes is moving towards becoming more blood-equal. They are introducing equality laws and representation for its Red citizens.[1]


Tiraxes is a vast country with varying weather and landscapes. The Queen Triarch of the West is Mailuna Tormas. She rules the desert, mountains, and grasslands west of the Rion Pecosa to the southwestern border with Ciron. She is a storm, like the rest of her line. Her ability allows the otherwise-barren territory to flourish. The Tormas line has transformed pieces of the Tiraxean desert over the last century, making the land suitable for agriculture.

The King Triarch of the North is Ambrosin Calore, a blood healer, who is well over one hundred years old. He rules from the Prairie border to the Rion Roja. The capital city is Vigia, and is often subject to attack from the Sandhills, raiders, or sometimes both working together.

The Queen of the Midland is Bellez Allirion. The capital city is Cuatracastela. Her territory stretches from the Tiraxean coast to the interior between the Rion Roja and the Rion Pecosa. Bellez Allirion is a talented eye, and is famous for her beauty.[2]


Reds outside the major settlements are often left alone by their Silver overlords. There are rumors of Red-only enclaves along the western border and deep in the southern desert.

Tiraxes is the only nation to openly trade with the criminal syndicates of the Disputed Lands. King Triarch Ambrosin even has a treaty allowing his ships full movement along the Great River in tandem with the river smugglers.

Notable Locations[]

  • Vigia
  • Taurine
  • Lasmaderas
  • Cuatracastela
  • Rapideso
  • Mizosstium