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The Kingdom of the Lakelands, simply known as the Lakelands, is an absolute monarchy and a country located in the north part of the continent. It is ruled by the Cygnet Line and its capital city is Detraon.


The Kingdom of the Lakelands was formed in 72 OE by the Cygnet Line. In 200 NE, what came to be known as the Nortan-Lakelander War, or the Agression in the Lakelands, began. King Tiberias Calore III of Norta and King Onekad Cygnet of the Lakelands declared war on each other after discussions over land and resources broke down. Norta had electricity and ocean access, and the Lakelands had agricultural land and natural resources. Each country blamed the other for the breakdown in their diplomatic relations.[1] It is revealed that the war is actually part of a ruse. The true reason for the war was that it was a way for the Silver Elites to control the Red populations.[2]

The war lasted more than a hundred years and was ended by a peace treaty proposed by King Maven Calore in 321 NE. He married Princess Iris Cygnet to cement a new bond between the two nations in alliance against the Red rebellion led by the Scarlet Guard, allied with Montfort and the Nortan Silver Houses loyal to Tiberias Calore VII. The Scarlet Guard started in the Lakelands, sometime between 290 and 300 NE, before spreading into Norta and Piedmont.[2]

After the Nortan Civil War, the Kingdom of the Lakelands is overthrown and becomes the Union of the Lakes. The country is a democratic nation with blood equality. It is in an alliance with the Nortan States, the Free Republic of Montfort, and the Piedmont Federation.[3]


Flag of the Lakelands.

The Lakelands is ruled by the Silver nymphs of the Cygnet Line. The dynasty is quite large, with both Queen Cenra Cygnet and King Orrec Cygnet hailing from different branches of the Cygnet family tree. Queen Cenra is the ruling monarch, and as is the custom in the Lakelands, her heir, Crown Princess Tiora Cygnet, is not permitted to leave the borders of the Lakelands. This helps ensure the survival of the bloodline and avoid a succession crisis. Queen Cenra herself is also confined within her country except in times of great need. Since Queen Cenra is the one who belongs to the royal line, the Queen outranks the King consort.[3]


The Lakelands is a country without blood-equality, with Silvers ruling over Reds. The language spoken by the Silver nobility in the country is called Lakelander.

The Silvers of the Lakelands are deeply religious, with their faith based in a pantheon of dozens of faceless, nameless, all-powerful gods. People worship in shrines, often built around water or fountains. The Lakelander religion is strongly rooted in balance, as well as the afterlife. Silver Lakelanders bury their dead in their abilities, and those who live evil lives are said to meet punishment in the afterlife. Red Lakelanders do not follow this faith, and very little is known about their religion. Not because they do not believe, but because their faiths are numerous and carefully guarded within their communities.

Despite their tumultuous history, Norta and the Lakelands have similar societies, with noble Silvers serving in government, common Silvers possessing little but still-existent upward mobility, and severely restricted Red citizens. The Lakelands have fewer tech towns than Norta, and mostly keep their Red workers in agricultural work. There is food in abundance in the Lakelands, though electricity is scarce in Red communities.[3]


The Lakelands is a region of flat and fertile lands bordered by many, big lakes full of fish.[1]

Notable Locations[]

Known citadels[]

  • Citadel of the Lakes
  • Citadel of the Snows
  • Citadel of the Trees
  • Citadel of the Hills
  • Citadel of the Rivers
  • Citadel of the Plains

Known Lines[]


  • The Lakelands includes Canada and the northern-midwest United States. Ottawa is called Adela, Toronto is called Ronto, and Sault St. Marie is Solitary. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin also make up the country. The capital, Detraon, is based on Detroit.[4]
  • The native language of the Silver nobility of the Lakelands is an evolution of French-Canadian and Mohawk.[4]