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The Kingdom of the Lakelands is a nation to the north of The Kingdom of Norta. The two nations have been at war for a hundred years, called The Aggression in Lakelander culture. The Lakelands is ruled by the Cygnet Dynasty, a family of Silver nymphs led by Orrec Cygnet.

Drowning of Farley's Family Edit

Quote1 The Scarlet Guard wasn’t so careful then Quote2
— Diana Farley talking to Mare

The Scarlet Guard had a branch in an unknown city in The Lakelands. The Scarlet Guard wasn’t so careful then, and one of the operatives was caught knowing too much. As a result, when Farley and her father were away, Orrec Cygnet raised the waters of a nearby bay called Hud and drowned the entire village as a show of power. Among those who drowned were Clara and Madeline Farley, Farley's mother, and sister.

"Reds across the country were inflamed by the Drowning of the Northlands. My father told our story up and down the lakes, in too many villages and towns to count, and the Guard flourished."

Trivia Edit

  • The Scarlet Guard started in The Lakelands, Willis, and Diana Farley being key roles to help extend the Guard to Norta.
  • At the start of King's Cage, many go to Irabelle, a village outside the Lakeland city of Trial, in fear of Mare revealing the location of their Tuck base.
  • The region of the Lakelands is based on the Midwestern States of America
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