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The Nortan States is a Republic based on blood equality created after the Nortan Civil War. They occupy the lands on the continent formerly consisting of the Kingdom of Norta and the Rift.


The Nortan States are governed by a council of elected representatives and military officials. There are also three blood speakers elected to represent each of the three blood groups. The blood speakers are currently Jemma Harner of Delphie (Reds), Cameron Cole of Harbor Bay (newbloods), and Julian Jacos of Archeon (Silvers).

Efforts have been made to overturn the republic and restore a Calore to the throne of Norta, to no success. Every Calore descending from Tiberias Calore VI was either deceased or renounced the throne, including the children of Tiberias Calore VII, who are citizens of the Free Republic of Montfort. Tiberias VII and Mare Barrow, ironically, were both generals in the War of Red Thunder and helped defeat the forces that were hoping to elevate their children to the old Calore throne.

Reconstruction and Alliances[]

While the Nortan Civil War officially ended with the abdication of King Tiberias Calore VII, dissolving the Kingdom of Norta, the cessation of hostilities did not occur until several years after. The conflict that followed was known as the Dancing War, as each side stepped when the other did, matching move for move in a stilted, halting fashion.

Only through the efforts of Montfort and the Scarlet Guard did the fledgling Nortan States manage to hold off invasion attempts from both the Lakelands and Piedmont. It was outwardly a defensive war, with the Nortan States maintaining their borders. However, the Scarlet Guard, and General Diana Farley in particular, were often accused of infiltration and interference within sovereign nations, attempting to encourage Red and newblood uprisings against Silver governments. The War of Red Thunder two decades later would bring those efforts to fruition.

Diplomatic maneuvers were also integral to maintaining a shaky peace in the eastern nations. The former Queen of the Rift, Evangeline Samos, was ultimately able to intervene on behalf of Montfort and the Nortan States. She treated with Queen Cenra Cygnet and her successor, Queen Tiora Cygnet, several times over the course of the Dancing War. Together with form King Tiberias VII, she was also able to negotiate peace among the former Silver High Houses still chafing under reconstruction.

By the time of the War of Red Thunder, the Nortan States were largely settled, and therefore escaped much of the turmoil that gripped the Lakelands, Piedmont, and the territories of several Prairie warlords. Most notable in the Red Thunder War was the Storm of the Citadel, an electricon mission to destroy the Lakelands' largest military installation. It was an assault led by Mare Barrow and Tyton Jesper, and the fortress was torn apart by lightning.[1]

At present, the Nortan States, the Union of the Lakes, and the Piedmont Federation stand in alliance with the Free Republic of Montfort. All have democratic governments with equality of blood at their cores, unlike the Silver-led nations of Tiraxes and Ciron and many fiefdoms of Prairie. The balance of power has shifted, and the remaining Silver nations strive to maintain peace with the Equal Alliance.