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The Nortan States are a republic of blood equality created after the Nortan Civil War. They occupy the lands on the continent formerly consisting of Norta and the Rift

Government Edit

The Nortan States are governed by a council of elected representatives and military officials. There are also three blood speakers elected to represent each of the three blood groups. 

Efforts have been made to overturn the republic and restore a Calore to the throne of Norta, to no success. Every Calore descending from Tiberias VI was either deceased or renounced the throne, including the children of Tiberias VII , who are citizens of the Free Republic of Montfort

Reconstruction and Alliances Edit

Several people and organizations were vital to the survival of the States in their fledgling years. Among them was Evangeline Samos , who negotiated with the Lakeland queens several times over the years.

Nonetheless, the Nortans were invaded several times by both Piedmont and the Lakelands in a conflict known as the Dancing War . The Scarlet Guard and Montfort assisted the States and helped them maintain their previous borders. 

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