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The Notch was one of the bases of the Scarlet Guard.


The Notch was located in a clearing in the forests of Norta. It was bigger than it first appeared, stretching back into a hill in a maze of chambers and tunnels. A few had shafted windows, but most were dark. It slept twenty-seven people comfortably and with room for more.[1]


After escaping Tuck Island, Mare, Shade, Cal, Kilorn and Farley relocated to the Notch.

They used it as the base for their mission to recruit Newbloods, with the help of the list given to Mare by Cal's uncle, Julian Jacos. All the Newbloods were brought to the Notch, to live in the safe house, and train and plan there during the time of the mission. After the successful attack on Corros Prison, Cal headed back to the Notch to get the Newbloods and they relocated.[1]