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Thomas was a Red and Maven Calore's lover.


Thomas was a worker during the Lakelander war, for he was not yet of age to be fully conscripted.[1] When Maven and Cal's father sent them to the front lines as children, Thomas befriended and eventually fell in love with Maven. He was later killed in an accident caused by Maven losing control of his burner ability, and was burned beyond recognition.

His death greatly affected Maven to the extent that he begged his mother, Elara Merandus, to help him forget Thomas. While Elara tried to ease his pain by erasing his memory, she could not remove romantic love, and his memories of Thomas did not fade. Maven ended up plagued with bad headaches whenever he thought of the boy he once loved.

Maven never stopped mourning Thomas. Faced with his impending death, Maven wished he could feel what he felt with Thomas once more and see him again in his dreams, if he still had them, or in the afterlife.[2]


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