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Tiberias Calore I, also known as Tiberias the Great, was the fourth ruler of Norta. His reign lasted from August 1, 60 to November 10, 105 NE.


Tiberias I was considered to be the true successor of Caesar Calore I. Over the course of his forty-five-year reign, Tiberias I finished the Hall of the Sun, improved relations with the Kingdom of the Lakelands, and extended the Nortan borders to include the entirety of the Rift.

At the time, parts of the House of Samos' lands still resisted Calore rule, so Tiberias I himself led an army into the Rift hills. The rebels were brought to hell and Tiberias I ignored the urging of his council by deciding not to eradicate the Samos dynasty. Instead, the king granted them clemency in exchange for their loyalty and lands. The governance of the Rift was given to House Laris, though House Samos remained one of the strongest families in the kingdom.

It was King Tiberias I who pioneered the use of Red tech towns and established several throughout Norta. The Silver kingdom would reap the benefits of his rule for centuries, growing in economic and technological might.

When his wife, Alise Gliacon, was unable to produce an heir after many years, he divorced her. He then married Princess Iranne Cygnet from the Lakelands. He died peacefully in his sleep.


As a Calore, Tiberias was a burner.


  • Tiberias remains the longest-reigning monarch of the Calore dynasty.[1]


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