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Tiberias Calore III was the twelfth ruler of Norta. His reign lasted from September 27, 199 to March 30, 222 NE.


Tiberias III married Tarionne Osanos from House Osanos and they had two children, Leonora Calore and Tiberias Calore IV.

Tiberias III ascended to the throne during a chaotic time of Red rebellion and worsening relations with the Kingdom of the Lakelands. One of his first acts as king was to call a summit with the King of the Lakelands, Onekad Cygnet. Negotiations broke down quickly and the Nortan-Lakelander War was declared. The war was one of anger, but also of necessity. The Red population in both kingdoms was growing and the war became a way to control their population.[1]


As a Calore, Tiberias III was a burner.


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