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Tiberias Calore V was the fifteenth ruler of Norta. His reign lasted from September 2, 270 until August 1, 296 NE.

Physical Description Edit

He was tall and lean. His hair was silver, and he wore an evenly razed beard. Tiberias V had liquid gold eyes, and handsome cheekbones.

Biography Edit

After observing the rite of Queenstrial, Tiberias V married Anabel Lerolan of House Lerolan, the traditional governors of Delphie. Tiberias V also kept a male consort, Robert Iral, of House Iral, whom he crowned as a prince.

Queen Anabel and Prince Robert were both great patrons of the arts during their king's reign. Though less inclined to the military than his father, Tiberias V partially raised his son at the front to prepare him to lead a nation at war.

Despite conflict with the Lakelands, his reign was considered peaceful and prosperous for the Silvers of Norta. Tiberias V died of a cancerous wasting disease, despite the best efforts of his personal skin healers.[1]

References Edit

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