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Tiberias Calore VI was the sixteenth ruler of Norta. His reign began on August 1, 296 until September 8, 320 NE. He married twice, first to Coriane Jacos, with whom he had Tiberias 'Cal' Calore VII, and then to his second wife, Elara Merandus, with whom he had Maven Calore.


Tiberias VI was partially raised at the front by his father to prepare him to lead a nation at war.

In 293 NE, House Calore hosted a banquet for the Silver court at Whitefire Palace, during which he met Coriane Jacos. Tiberias VI fell in love with Coriane and spent what many of the High Houses considered to be too much time with her. Because he found a love match, Tiberias VI married her without Queenstrial, being the third King to do so. This angered many High Houses like Samos, Merandus and Osanos and the competing ladies who had waited a long time for the chance to potentially become the Queen of Norta, particularly Elara Merandus.

After three miscarriages likely caused by Elara, they had a son, Cal. Tiberias VI and Coriane were together for seven years until Elara drove Coriane to commit suicide and became his second wife. He and Elara had no romantic relationship, as it was a purely political marriage.[1] Even though he loved both of his sons, he always favored Cal which made Maven feel cast aside, in the shadow of his older brother, and Elara angry that Tiberias never loved her son as much as Coriane's.

In 320 NE, during the broadcast of Cal's Queenstrial, Mare Barrow is discovered to be a Red girl with Silver abilities. Tiberias VI and Elara make her pose as Mareena Titanos, a long lost Silver princess, to hide her in plain sight. During the Parting Ball, the Scarlet Guard, murders three political targets with the help of Mare and Maven, in the event known as the Sun Shooting. In retaliation, King Tiberias VI enacts harder measures, a system of punishments designed to dissuade Reds from joining or supporting the Scarlet Guard.

Shortly after, the Scarlet Guard attempts to seize Whitefire Palace but fails. Maven betrays Mare, Cal and his father and reveals that he was planning with his mother all along to take his father's crown. Elara whispers in Cal's mind and forces him to murder his father, while Maven, stands by and watches. Against his will, Cal takes King Tiberias VI's sword and cuts off his head, killing him. Mare and Cal are arrested for treason and Maven becomes King.[2]


Tiberias VI had a reputed taste for warfare, making Coriane wonder if he, as the crown prince at the time, would ever live long enough to wear a crown. He liked to drink and was often drunk. Tiberias IV was polite but found it annoying to always be the one who had to make conversation first with others, due to his royal status. After he was crowned King, Coriane wrote that he had changed and had "a fire in him that will burn all the world".[1]

Physical Description[]

Tiberias had inky black hair with flecks of grey and eyes like fire. He was broad-shouldered and muscular, and he often wore a black and red military uniform with medals. Coriane described him has being "handsome in his own way" with a strong jaw, expressive golden eyes and a mischievous smile. When Mare saw him for the first time she noted that "even from behind, he's much fatter than he looks on the coins and broadcasts, but also taller."[2]


As a Calore, Tiberias VI was a burner, meaning he could manipulate heat and fire, but not create it.


In order to utilize his ability at will, Tiberias VI wore a metal bracelet that released sparks for him to turn into flames. His crown was made of braided red gold and black iron, each point a curving burst of flames. Tiberias VI sat in an adorned diamondglass throne and carried a gilded sword holstered at his hip despite the many guards around him.


Coriane Jacos[]

Coriane and Tiberias' marriage was a true love match, a rarity among the Silver Elite, and even more rare for a monarch. He loved Coriane deeply and they made each other happier then they ever thought they would be. Coriane called him "Tibe" and fell in love with him because he made her feel safe. Tiberias often called Coriane beautiful and assured she was the only woman for him, in any world. Before she took her life, Coriane wrote in her diary that the crown had changed him.[1]

Tiberias Calore VII[]

Cal and Tiberias VI had a good father-son relationship. His son inherited his taste for warfare. Cal valued duty and tradition very much, both ideals instilled in him by his father. After he was forced to kill his own father, Cal had constant nightmares about it. He had a hard time abdicating the crown, because he felt he owed it to his father to be the next King, as he prepared him to be.


  • He is the third Calore king to wed outside the bonds of Queenstrial.
  • He married Coriane Jacos on May 15, 294 NE.
  • He married Elara Merandus on September 20, 301 NE.


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