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This page serves as a timeline of events that occurred within the world of Red Queen.

Research Edit

Julian Jacos writes that Montfortian scholars were attempting an ice dig up north. They found traces of a nuclear act dating to approximately 2000 OE.

Julian then corroborates the date 2000 OE with 2022 AD based on papers he found in the Horn Mountain vaults. They stated that one small scale act of nuclear warfare took place in the year 2022.

Timeline Edit

Old Era Edit

Date Event(s)
Before 15000 The Calamities occur.
1500 Beginning of the Reformation period.
950 Trial of Barr Rambler; first recorded use of Silver abilities.
~900 The Finix Dynasty is formed, as is the Kingdom of Ciron.
202 The Kingdom of Tiraxes restructures into a triarchy.
180 Formation of the Kingdom of Tetonia (what will become the Free Republic of Montfort).
72 Formation of the Kingdom of the Lakelands.

New Era Edit

Date Event(s)
January 1st, 0 Formation of the Kingdom of Norta.
2 An alliance is established between the Principality of Piedmont and Norta.
August 1st, 5 The right and tradition of Queenstrial is started by Alexandrus Caesar Calore.
170-195 The Border Wars occur between Prairie warlords and the Lakelands. Prairie manages to win large amounts of land in the Minnowan region, putting intense internal pressure on the Lakelands.
200 Talks between King Tiberias Calore III and King Onekad Cygnet dissolve into armed conflict, starting the Nortan-Lakelander War (known as the Aggression in the Lakelands).
September 2nd, 270 Tiberias Calore V is crowned King with his wife, Anabel Lerolan, becoming Queen. Tiberias V rules with the aid of his consort, Robert Iral.
January 20th, 271 Ruth Cassan is born.
March 11th, 271 Daniel Barrow is born.
February 2nd, 276 Julian Jacos is born.
April 12th, 276 Tiberias Calore VI is born.
May 1st, 278 Coriane Jacos is born.
March 10th, 289 Ruth and Daniel marry.
March 11th, 289 Daniel is conscripted into the Nortan army.
290 - 300 The Scarlet Guard is formed within the Lakelands. Throughout the decade, their influence will slowly bleed over into Norta.
May 15th, 294 Tiberias VI marries Coriane Jacos.
296 Dane Davidson flees Norta.
August 1st, 296 King Tiberias V dies. Prince Tiberias VI is crowned King.
September 4th, 298 Bree Barrow is born.
May 13th, 299 Diana Farley is born.
August 10th, 299 Tramy Barrow is born.
October 31st, 300 Tiberias Calore VII is born.
February 2nd, 301 Shade Barrow is born.
June 1st, 301 Coriane Jacos dies.
301 Evangeline Samos is born.
September 20th, 301 Tiberias VI marries Elara Merandus.
January 10th, 302 Kilorn Warren is born.
November 17th, 302 Mare Barrow is born.
December 13th, 302 Maven Calore is born.
March 23rd, 306 Gisa Barrow is born.
May 309 Daniel is grievously injured and subsequently released from military conscription.
September 4th, 316 Bree is conscripted.
August 10th, 317 Tramy is conscripted.
February 2nd, 319 Shade Barrow is conscripted.
August 1st, 320 Kilorn's master dies, leaving Kilorn subject to conscription.
August 2nd, 320 The Scarlet Guard bombs several government buildings in Archeon. Diana Farley's broadcast is aired.
August 3rd, 320 The Queenstrial for Tiberias VII is held. During the trial of Evangeline Samos, Mare Barrow reveals her electricon ability. Mare is forced into the role of Mareena Titanos. Evangeline is chosen to marry Tiberias VII while "Mareena" is pledge to Maven.
August 15th, 320 Mare learns her brother, Shade Barrow, was executed. In order to avenge her bother, she joins the Scarlet Guard.
August 23rd, 320 Maven pledges his support to the Scarlet Guard. Mare finds out that Kilorn joined too.
September 4th, 320 During the Parting Ball, the Scarlet Guard murders three political targets with the help of Mare and Maven. An unforeseen explosion turns the shooting into a massacre. This event will be given label of the Sun Shooting.
September 5th, 320 In retaliation for the Sun Shooting, King Tiberias VI enacts the Measures; a system of punishments designed to dissuade Reds from joining or supporting the Scarlet Guard.
September 8th, 320 The Scarlet Guard attempts to seize Whitefire Palace, but fails. Maven betrays Mare and Cal, leading to the murder of King Tiberias VI by Elara Merandus. Mare and Cal are arrested for treason.
September 9th, 320 With his father dead and his brother labeled a criminal, Maven Calore becomes the next King of Norta. Maven sentences Cal and Mare to execution in the Bowl of Bones. With the help of the Scarlet Guard, Mare and Cal manage to escape. Mare finds Shade alive and well.
September 10th, 320 Soon after arriving at Tuck Island, Mare escapes with Cal, Farley, Kilorn, and Shade to go search for and recruit newbloods.
September 11th, 320 Nix Marsten is successfully found and joins the Scarlet Guard. Mare and her team attempt to recruit in Harbor Bay but is incapacitated by Maven and his soldiers.
September 15th, 320 After being unconscious for four days, Mare awakes in a safe house called the Notch.
October 16th, 320 Mare is almost caught in a Silver trap in Templyn. Before retreating, she finds a note from Maven, imploring her to join him.
November 3rd, 320 Continuing their recuitment mission, Mare and her team run into Jon, who guides them to another newblood named Cameron Cole. Cameron has insider knowledge about Corros Prison as well as a powerful silencing ability, leading Mare to forcibly recruit her.
November 7th, 320 Mare and her team raid Corros Prison. The raid frees dozens of newbloods and dissident Silvers. Shade Barrow and Queen Elara are both killed.
November 8th, 320 Shade Barrow is given a funeral on Tuck. The Scarlet Guard makes and releases a broadcast that reveals Maven's prison and the now dead Elara. As a result, Red roits ensue in the fortress city of Corvium.
November 9th, 320 During a flight to the Choke, a Scarlet Guard jet is disabled by King Maven and his allies. In order to save her friends and family, Mare trades her freedom for their safety.
November 11th, 320 Mare is marched through Archeon as a prisoner of war, and is forced to kneel before King Maven.
Late Fall 320 Mare is imprisoned in Whitefire Palace.
November 17th, 320 Mare turns eighteen.
Winter - Spring 321 Maven takes a coronation tour of Norta and ends his betrothal to Evangeline. In order to cement a peace treaty with the Lakelands, Maven marries Iris Cygnet.
The Scarlet Guard manages to take over Corvium.
Spring 321 With the help of Evangeline and the Scarlet Guard, Mare is able to escape.
The Kingdom of the Rift is formed.
The Free Republic of Montfort allies with the Scarlet Guard. They also have a shaky alliance with Piedmont.
Early Summer 321 Maven attempts to retake Corvium but is defeated by the Scarlet Guard. Orrec Cygnet is killed during the attempt. After the battle, the Red and Silver alliance proclaims Tiberias VII as the true King of Norta.
Summer 321 The Scarlet Guard and its allies petition and win aid from Montfort. Queen Iris rescues Charlotta and Michael from Montfort, removing the leverage Montfort had over Prince Bracken of Piedmont. Silvers overtake the Montfort base in Piedmont.
Late Summer 321 The Red and Silver alliance strike New Town and Harbor Bay simultaneously. Queen Iris trades King Maven for her father's killer. Tiberias VII takes over the throne, stripping Maven of the crown and sentencing him to execution. The Scarlet Guard and Montfort break their alliance with Norta, taking Maven before he can be executed. The Lakelands return to take over the weakened Norta by assaulting Archeon. Evangeline and Ptolemus Samos retreat to Montfort, abandoning their House. King Volo Samos dies. With help from Maven, the Scarlet Guard and Montfort are able to infiltrate Archeon. In the chaos of battle, Maven manages to escape, forcing Mare to follow and kill him. Tiberias VII abdicates the throne in favor of Red and Silver equality.
~325 The Dancing War occurs.
~345 The War of Red Thunder occurs.
Present time The Nortan States, the Union of the Lakes, the Piedmont Federation and The Free Republic of Montfort which are all democratic nations with blood equality are now in an alliance. Ciron appears to still be silver led while the Kingdom of Tiraxes and the Prairie Warlords are becoming more blood-equal.
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