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Tiora Cygnet is the older princess of the Lakelands.


She was born as Crown Princess to Cenra and Orrec Cygnet, king and queen of the Lakelands, four years before Iris. As her mother's heir, Tiora is not allowed to leave the Lakelands.


Tiora seems to be a serious person who is a good heir to the throne of the Lakelands, according to Iris. She also cares a lot about her family, especially her younger sister, and was full with rage and anger after her father's death. Nevertheless, she is a kind and calm person among family members and also has a good behavior, as it is required of her. Iris says that she does not speak much and doesn't show feelings often.

Physical descriptionEdit

Tiora has caramel brown skin, straight black hair, mahogany eyes and a serious look. She has a hawkish nose like her father, but inherited her mother's eyes. Tiora is tall, between 5'8" and 6'.


Water ManipulationEdit

Tiora is a Nymph, meaning she can control water with her mind.


  • 'Cygnet' is based on the French word cygne, meaning 'swan'.
  • According to Victoria Aveyard, many Lakelanders, especially the royal family, are descendants of the First Nations.
  • She calls Iris "petasorre" meaning "little sister" in the Nortan language Common which shows that she cares a lot about her sister.
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