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Tristan Boreeve was a member of the Scarlet Guard. He was killed by Ptolemus Samos.

Biography Edit

Tristan is originally from Piedmont and according to Shade Barrow, Tristan has a drawl and refers to him as "Southie". Since he is from Piedmont, the heat doesn't bother him much.[1]

Personality Edit

Tristan was protective of Diana Farley.

Physical Description Edit

Tristan was described as being tall with crimson red hair. He had freckles that appear on his face and his arms which multiply quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • Tristan and Anne Walsh may have had a close relationship, as moments before Walsh commits suicide, she says, "For Tristan."

References Edit

  1. Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard, pg.142
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