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Tuck is a small island that becomes a secret base for the Scarlet Guard in Glass Sword, after Maven reveals the truth about Naercey. In King's Cage, the Scarlet Guard leave Tuck and move to Irabelle after fear that Mare will reveal the location, under interrogation by a whisperer, namely Samson Merandus.

In Glass Sword, the Scarlet Guard got to Tuck in an underwater boat. After arriving, Cal is captured by Colonel Farley and caged inside Barracks 1 on the underwater part of the island. Later, Mare Barrow, Diana Farley, Shade Barrow, Kilorn, and Cal escaped the island to recruit newbloods.

Later, after the battle in Corros Prison, Mare Barrow and the remaining newbloods flew back to Tuck with Elara Merandus and Shade Barrow's body.

Trivia Edit

  • Mare reunites with her family in Tuck
  • Shade Barrow is buried in Tuck.
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