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Tuck Island is a small island that becomes a secret base for the Scarlet Guard after Maven Calore reveals the truth about Naercey.


Tuck Island is small, and covered in dunes and tall grass. By the docks are two flat, concrete buildings and a few structures stand out on the gentle hill above. The two buildings are hangers that store transports that have been stolen by the Guard. Everything is mismatched as a result of being stolen or hijacked.

Wooden steps lead to barracks on the hill above the docks and hangers. There are at least a dozen barracks making up the base. They're organized in two even rows separated by a long, concrete yard. The area is flat and well-maintained. There's a white line painted down the middle of the yard. Past the barracks, the sea grass gives way to a sparse collection of trees. Barracks 3 holds families and orphans. Another building holds the mess hall and the infirmary. Barracks 1 is located underwater. It's built beneath the dock. It serves at the island's prison, armory, the Lakelander bunks, and the Colonel's headquarters. The main entrance is a tunnel leading from the beach hangers, but there is a secret entrance under the water, opening into the Colonel's rooms.

Glass Sword[]

Mare Barrow arrives on Tuck Island with Cal, Shade, Farley, and Kilorn after escaping from Maven and Naercey. Upon arriving on the island, Colonel Farley imprisons Cal inside Barracks 1. Mare is reunited with her family. The group escapes from the island in order to search out the newbloods before Maven can kill them.

After the battle at Corros Prison, Mare and the remaining newbloods fly back to Tuck Island with Elara Merandus and Shade's bodies.

King's Cage[]

The Scarlet Guard is forced to abandon Tuck Island, and move to Irabelle, after Mare is captured by Maven. They fear she will be forced to reveal the location of the Scarlet Guard under interrogation by Samson Merandus, a whisper.


  • Elara Merandus, Shade Barrow, and Maven Calore are buried on Tuck Island.
  • Tuck Island is based on Nantucket Island.[1]