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Tyton Jesper is a newblood and an electricon.


King's Cage[]

Tyton, along with Ella and Rafe, help train Mare at the Piedmont base. He fights alongside her during the battle at Corvium. He tells Mare that he was born in Montfort.

War Storm[]

Tyton is part of the group, which includes the Nortan delegation, that returns to Montfort. He is with Mare and the group that overthrows New Town.


Tyton is portrayed as very quiet and mysterious, with a generally passive and stoic demeanor. His voice is deep and certain. He speaks with a slow, methodic voice. He enjoys reading. During the questioning of Maven Calore in Montfort, Tyton stars at him with a "calmly murderous disposition."[1] He is the only one who evokes fear in Maven.

Physical Description[]

Tyton is described as tall with tawny skin, freckles, and a defined jaw that is “sharper than the edge of a cliff.” He has swooping white hair that matches the color of his lightning and grey eyes. Tyton is thin and lean. Tyton is considered attractive by many, girls and boys.


Tyton has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. He has the ability to control and generate electricity, making him an electricon. However, unlike Mare, his lightning is white instead of purple. He is also said to have a more precise electrical frequency, being able to manipulate electricity in the body, and specifically in the brain. He is the only electricon who can manipulate electricity in the body. Tyton is incredibly powerful, and his control over "brain electricity" is precise, allowing him to push a body to its limit without destroying what cannot be repaired.[1]