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Welcome To My Profile!

Hello! My Username is -**SFitzphie**- but feel free to call me Cole. I am on a lot of wikis and I am on all day, so go ahead and message me if you need anything!

Some things about me is...[]

I love Reading and Writing
  I love playing games and Scripting
  I love storytelling and learning about them
  I love FANDOM!

The Wikis I Am On[]

Keeper Of The Lost Cities Fan Club (Owner)
Writers & Writing Fandom (Owner)
Wings Of Fire Wiki (Admin)
Red Queen Fandom (User)
Xbox Fandom (User)
Apple Wiki (User)
Microsoft Wiki (User)

My History[]

I come from a lot of wikis and have been on a lot of them. I have a background in Java Scripting and beginning to learn CSS coding.

(History Still To Be Writing)

Keeper Of The Lost Cities[]

I have been on the Keeper Of The Lost Cities since day one, June 25, 2019, with me and JEFitzphie founding the wiki. Over time we have fallen out of activity and the community has suffered greatly, but in August of 2020, ArmyandBlink and I refounded the wiki, running at full speed and bring back it's former glory. Now we are averaging 6K views a week, and making more content every day!

Writers & Writing Fandom[]

This is a brand new Fandom that was founded on September 7th, 2020, it is still a work in progress but come check it out and show your writing experience. 

Wings Of Fire []

I am brand new the Wings Of Fire wiki, and the place has a lot of information and is an amazing series, come drop by with the link above.

Red Queen Fandom[]

Red Queen is one of my favorite series, and this wiki brings it all together, with some much information now, it has a lot more to go. Come check it out!

Xbox Fandom[]

I am brand new with the Xbox Fandom but I am already falling in love with it. It has so much really good information backed up with evidence. If you like Xbox come check it out. PS GO XBOX SERIES X, & XBOX SERIES S boo PS5.

Apple Wiki[]

I love Apple I have an iPhone 11, 2020 Macbook Pro, Airpods, Apple Watch Series 3, and an Apple Magic Mouse Generation 2, AND I LOVE THEM ALL. I can not stand anything other than Apple, it is by far the best product. 

Microsoft Wiki[]

I only like MacBook Pro for school, but I love Windows 10 for my Gaming, I am pretty sure everyone knows that, because Windows 10 is amazing, and MFS2020!!