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Hello! My name is Misty, and I am an avid reader and a passionate writer. I came across the Red Queen series several years ago before King's Cage had come out and finished the first book just days before Glass Sword was released, so early 2016.

What's New?[]

I've been on a bit of a Red Queen craze lately. I've absolutely consumed the first three books in the span of a couple weeks and am currently working my way through War Storm, which came out sometime after the series dropped off my radar. Sometime in the midst of reading, I stopped to google something and found it was not on this Wiki yet, so I decided to come on and add it. One edit let to another, and now I find myself rewriting the biographies and stories that are fresh in my head for the Red Queen wiki.

Thoughts on the Red Queen Series[]


My favorite book will always be the first book. There's just so much transformation and growth from beginning to end, and every time I read it, I feel like I discover something new. Even though I already know what's going to happen, it's one of those books that I can just totally immerse myself in the story again without having my knowledge ruin the reading experience.

My second favorite book is King's Cage. Maybe I just have a thing for Mare scheming and faking her way through the Silver courts? Only this time, she's less naive. My third favorite book is Glass Sword, simply because it's not as memorable as the others. The best part of that book is probably when Mare and co. are at The Notch, doing their own thing and discovering newbloods with all sorts of powers. As for War Storm, I'll have to see once I finish reading it.

I have read two out of the three novellas, Steel Scars and Queen Song, but I honestly don't remember much about them other than their premises. I'm excited to get to Broken Throne though once I finish with War Storm.


My favorite perspective to read is Evangeline's because she's always been in the background of Mare's story but has such a dominant personality. Getting to hear what she's thinking is a delicious glimpse into the mind of someone who's not necessarily the protagonist but also not the main antagonist either, or at least she wasn't the enemy for long. She's been through so much in her life and I'm rooting for her to have a happy future with Elane.

My favorite ship is probably Evangeline and Elane, simply because it's one I can personally identify with. While I'm not a superfan of Elane, my favoritism toward Evangeline definitely makes me favor their relationship the most. Both seem to mutually want each other, unlike the perpetually stormy on-and-off relationship between Mare and Cal. And if it means the protagonists can get through to Evangeline and sway her to a better path for herself, I'm all for it.


My favorite ability so far is probably Cameron's silencing ability because of how powerful it is and how she deals with such an invisibly destructive ability. That kind of power in the wrong person's hands would be devastating, but it's well-balanced out by the way Cameron thinks of and feels about it. That, and Nanny's ability to shift into different people, like the way she pulled off Maven so well or the way she threw the image of Elara at the Silver court's faces in order to buy herself a few precious seconds. She went out with an act of defiance and I will always love and respect her for that.

The ability I'd want most for myself is a toss-up between a whisper, a mimic, and an electricon. I'd like to be a whisper simply because they're so powerful and it's really hard to defend against one. Also, knowing what other people think about me might help me reduce my social anxiety about constantly getting judged. The only downsides of being a whisper is that it would likely be really hard for people to trust me, which is something I also want.

Mimics interested me because of the amount of different abilities they could learn, and that they could even train to strengthen two or three of them to become their dominant abilities. The only downside is that they are not very powerful on their own when there's no one to mimic.

Being an electricon would be cool just because I know so much about them through Mare, which means I also know exactly how powerful they can become. I'd either want to specialize in storm lightning or brain lightning like Tyton. The only downside might be that, since the electricon ability is fairly well-known thanks to Mare, there are already strategies circulating that can counter my lightning.