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Hello All!

     Welcome to our first Bi-Weekly newsletter! We will be giving you these bi-weekly updates, to inform you about the Movies, upcoming wiki updates, events, and changes! There are going to be some really cool stuff in here! 

     To start off, I would like to introduce myself. I am -**SFitzphie**-, but you can call me Cole. I am a brand new Administrator / Bureaucrat and will be bringing some really cool things to the wiki!

     For our first newsletter, our Staff has compiled a list of really cool upcoming events, check them out!


     The Red Queen movie has not changed much other than in July, Victoria Averyard, said that it is still in the works so there still is hope!


     We have now enabled achievements! For those of you who do not know about achievements, I will be writing a blog post about there Here. You can now check the leaderboard on the brand new Wiki tab!


     You can now go onto the Polls tab under Wiki, and vote for important things on the wiki! We want to hear what you think! So come check it out!


     For smaller announcements not on the newsletter, check out the Announcements on the Main Page, or announcements in the discussion area!


    We will be putting in custom codes, to add a new touch to our wiki! Over the next week be prepared to see all new looks.


    This is my favorite part!! We are going to have a lot of events in the Month Of October! More detailed information will be becoming a couple of days before it starts but we have some ideas!

Scavenger Hunt

     We will be organizing a Scavenger hunt through the wiki and will comprise of information about the book, you could follow it by going from page to page based off of the clues we leave! Find out more information on October 1st!

Trivia Night

     We will be having a Trivia Night in the Live Chat! Everyone is welcome and will include, multiple rounds and more fun activities! Date TBD

Trunk Or Treat!

      I will be creating a club of people who want to participate in Trunk Or Treat on October 30th! You will be able to create a badge to give out, and to ‘Trick Or Treat’ on other people’s walls for badges!


     We will be giving rewards to the top 3 people on the leaderboard, this will include badges, Usertags, and more! This will happen at the end of every month, so if you do not win this month you can always try again!


     Staff applications will be open until the end of the month! To receive one please message me!

Thank you!

- Cole

Bureaucrat & Admin