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Quote1.png Lord Samos is the last to stand, and when he does, a hush falls. This man commands respect, even among titans. I don’t need Maven to tell me he’s the highest of the High Houses, a person to be feared above all others. Quote2.png
Mare Barrow describing Volo Samos in Red Queen

Volo Samos is a magnetron and the head of House Samos. He is the father of Ptolemus and Evangeline.


Red Queen[]

Volo is present at Queenstrial, where Evangeline completed for Tiberias Calore VII's hand in marriage. He serves as an advisor to King Tiberias Calore VI, and a financial backer for the Kingdom of Norta.

King's Cage[]

As King Maven Calore's rule over the kingdom weakens, and his mental state continues to deteriorate, Volo leads a conspiracy with Houses Iral and Haven to overthrow the king. Volo proclaims that Maven's rule has "poisoned the country."

During the Wedding Battle, the rebelling Houses flee Archeon and convene at the Samos estate in the Rift, Ridge House. Volo announces that House Samos will break apart from the Kingdom of Norta and will become the Kingdom of the Rift. He then crowns himself King of the Rift. An alliance is officially formed between Houses Iral, Haven, and Lerolan. The rebelling Houses then form an alliance with the Scarlet Guard and the Free Republic of Montfort in order to depose Maven and install Cal as the King of Norta.

After the battle at Corvium, Volo announces that the Rift and Norta will cement their alliance through the marriage of Evangeline and Cal.

War Storm[]

Iris Cygnet tells her mother and sister that she wants to kill Volo because Lord Salin Iral killed her father, King Orrec Cygnet, in an attempt to please Volo. Anabel Lerolan and Julian Jacos convince Iris and her family to trade Maven for Salin and Volo. During the Lakelander invasion of Archeon, Volo is attacked by Evangeline and Ptolemus. They are furious with him for making Evangeline marry Cal when he promised her he wouldn't. During the fight, Anabel and Julian appear. Julian uses his ability as a singer to make Volo walk off the Archeon Bridge, and his corpse lands on the deck of Iris' ship.


Volo is a man who commands respect. He is a shrewd and powerful man. When it was his turn to speak after the end of Queenstrial, the tone of his voice was loud, steady, and strong, signifying that he is a proud man and someone to be feared. He is also strict with his children and disciplines them harshly so that his children can improve their power. Evangeline often refers to him in a reverent or slightly fearful way, but she also states many times that she loves her father. Most importantly, Volo is ambitious and takes advantage of every opportunity. He is driven by a desire to increase his own and his House's power, influence, and wealth. Volo always believes himself to be the smartest person in the room. He also loathes the decadence and courtesy that Silver Elites employ.

Physical Description[]

Volo has silver hair and black eyes, a common trait of House Samos. He also has a pointed beard and wears plain, black robes that are trimmed with silk. He does not wear great jewels or badges.


As the Lord of House Samos, Volo is an incredibly powerful magnetron. He is the only magnetron strongwomen enough to have mastered the art of magnetron flight. When he is angry, metal near him will curl up.[1]


Evangeline Samos and Ptolemus Samos[]

Volo is very harsh and strict with his children. He views them as his to control. Evangeline is viewed as a mere bargaining chip as a potential bride and Ptolemus is viewed more as the future ruler of the Kingdom of the Rift more than as a son. This is typical in Silver Elite families. Ptolemus has a better relationship with his father because as the only son, he is the favorite. The fact that he is straight while Evangeline is not might also have something to do with this. Both children, but especially Evangeline, maintain a wariness towards their parents, especially Volo, at all times. They learned as a child "what it was to cross Volo Samos. You became a ghost. Ignored, unwanted. Until you earned your way back to his love with achievement and intelligence."[1] They avoid making him angry whenever possible. Evangeline and Ptolemus eventually rebel against Volo and Larentia in order to secure their own happiness.


  • His names both come from Greek places: Volos is a city in Thessaly and Samos is an island near Aegean Sea.