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Whispers are Silvers who can read and control the minds of anyone. They can also communicate telepathically. Whispers are rare, dangerous, and powerful, even among Silvers. Rumors about them vary, but essentially whispers can enter people's minds, read their thoughts and control their actions. Additionally, whispers can dive through people's memories, see their past and know everything they know, which makes them incredibly dangerous. There is no defense against their ability. Some whispers, such as Elara Merandus, are even able to cause physical pain.


"Whispers are perceptors, able to manipulate, read, and sometimes fully control the minds of people within reach. As with others, the strength and depth of this ability depends on training and talent, with the strongest whispers able to fully possess all corners of an opponent's brain, reading their thoughts or controlling their actions without their opponent even knowing. Because of the innately nefarious nature of such an ability, the treatment of whispers varies within nations. The Lakelands, for example, undertook a policy of extermination within the last century. All whispers, noble or otherwise, were either killed or banished from the Lakelands. Foreign whispers are not permitted to be within suitable distance of the monarch. Whereas in Norta, House Merandus is a valued part of the court, and the former king, Tiberias Calore VI, was wed to Elara Merandus, a talented whisper." - On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

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