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Whitefire Palace is the residence of the Nortan king and his court. It is located in West Archeon, on the south side of Caesar's Square.


The Palace is flanked by the Royal Court and the Treasury Hall. Mare's old teacher used to say the Palace "was carved from the hillside itself, a living piece of the white stone."[1] Flames made of gold and pearl flash atop the surrounding walls. When the king is in residence, a red and black flag flies atop Whitefire. Whitefire Palace is located on the crest of a sharply sloped hill overlooking the Bridge. A wall surrounded the hilltop, "fencing in the heart of the country."[2]

Upon passing through the gates, is Caesar's Square. It's a tiled space the size of an arena. It's named after the first king of Norta, King Caesar Calore I. The courts, treasury, administrative centers, War Command, and military barracks take up the western, eastern, and northern sides of the Square.

As Whitefire is older than the Hall of the Sun, its walls are made of stone and carved wood. It holds the royal residence, many administrative offices and chambers, ballrooms, a full training court, a gallery of statues, an enormous banquet hall, many balconies, and other things.

The banquet hall is twice the size of the one at the Hall of the Sun. It floor is swirling marble, with long tables set with fine china.

Mare's bedroom in Whitefire faces the river, looking south toward the sea. Like almost all the places in the Palace, there are security cameras in the room. It is near Maven's.


Red Queen[]

Mare Barrow sees Whitefire Palace for the first time when she arrives in Archeon with the royal family under the assumed identity Mareena Titanos. She is awed by what she sees. She is forced to read the Measures in Caesar's Square. Walsh dies in one of the council halls after she is caught by Cal and Ptolemus watching the tunnels so Mare and Maven can sneak back from Naercey. Queen Elara Merandus enacts her plan at Whitefire Palace. She uses her ability as a whisper to force Cal to kill his father, King Tiberias Calore VI, so that Maven can be placed on the throne.


  • According to Victoria Aveyard's Pinterest page, the Grand Palace in Belgium inspired Whitefire Palace.[3]


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