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Quote1.png To fight for the ones before, and to save the ones yet to come. Quote2.png
— Will Whistle to Mare Barrow in Red Queen

Will Whistle is a black market trader and smuggler in the Stilts. He was Mare Barrow's biggest customer.


Red Queen[]

Will is old and too feeble to work the lumberyards, so he sweeps the streets during the day. At night, he sells anything and everything out of his moldy wagon.

Will met Mare when she was nine. Mare had a fistful of stolen buttons and Will paid her three copy pennies for them. After that Will became her best customer, and as Mare says, maybe even a friend. He called her "Little Barrow" from time to time.

Mare Barrow joining the Scarlet Guard with Will Whistle and Tristan Boreeve.

When Mare begs him to take Kilorn Warren and herself to safety, and away from conscription, he first says no, but is eventually convinced. Will is part of the Scarlet Guard and works closely with Farley. Mare comes to Will when she decides to join the Scarlet Guard after learning of her brother's death. While Mare is at the Hall of the Sun, under the identity of Mareena Titanos, Will helps her and Maven Calore meet with Farley.

Will escorts Mare and Maven from Hexaprin Theater to meet with Farley in Naercey.


Will is a caring person towards those he is close with. He is loyal to the Scarlet Guard.

Physical Description[]

Will is described as an old man with a long, tangled, white beard. He has wrinkled skin and fluffy, white eyebrows. His hands are gnarled and wrinkled. Will also has a red band tattooed around his wrist.


  • "Whistle" is not his true last name, smugglers in Norta use the name to secretly denote their profession.
  • Mare notes that he smells like "an overpowering mixture of tea, old spices, and a familiar blue candle."[1]


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