Willis Farley, better known as Colonel Farley, is Diana Farley's father and a member of the Scarlet Guard.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Colonel Farley is one of the first members of the Scarlet Guard. Before the Guard had spread beyond the Lakelands, they weren't as careful. One of their operatives was caught and knew too much, including the location of Colonel Farley and his family. While Farley and her father were away, King Orrec Cygnet raised the water of the Hud, a bay near their village, and drowned the entire village as a show of power and force. Among those who drowned were Clara Farley and Madeline Farley, the Colonel's wife and eldest daughter.

The Colonel told their story up and down the lakes, in too many villages and towns to count, and the Guard flourished. Reds across the country were inflamed by what came to be known as the Drowning of the Northlands.

Glass Sword[edit | edit source]

Upon initially meeting Mare, the Colonel doesn't trust her and other newbloods. He softens up to her after she kills Elara Merandus and chooses to lead the rebellion inside Norta instead of taking the offer to support it from the safety of Montfort.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Colonel is cold to everyone and has a strong hatred of Silvers.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

The Colonel's most distinctive feature is his eye. He was injured during a fight and his eye is covered in a film of red blood.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Diana Farley[edit | edit source]

The Colonel and Farley do not have a good relationship, despite being father and daughter. They can't stand to be together, Command repeatedly teams them up together as they produce the best teamwork. The Colonel does love Farley, and is hurt by the anger she treats him with. He humiliates her when he strips her of her rank and command. However, when Mare tells him that Farley survived the attack on Corros Prison, he is visibly relieved. He is in the hallway, out of sight, when Farley gives birth.

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