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Quote1.png I weep for the boy I never knew, for the boy I was not fast enough to save. Quote2.png
Mare Barrow upon finding Wolliver

Wolliver Galt was a newblood who lived in Harbor Bay.


Wolliver was young and short with sandy hair.


Wolliver comes from an old family that live off Charside Road. Their family trade is brewing.

Glass Sword[]

Mare and her group arrive in Harbor Bay to find Wolliver. They have just found and recruited their first newblood, Nix Marsten. The group discovers that they are too late to save Wolliver. His body is hanging from a statue.


Wolliver had the blood mutation that granted him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. However, because he was dead before Mare could reach him, his ability is unknown.


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