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World Behind is a novella that was included in Broken Throne. It is told from the perspectives of Ashe and Lyrisa.


This novella is the story of Lyrisa, a princess of Piedmont who is trying to escape her cruel betrothed, Orrian Cygnet. She secures passage on a riverboat with Ashe, a Red Riverman captain who makes his living smuggling refugees and illegal goods. While on their journey, the Silver princess and the Riverman share their positions and viewpoints on their world. The story shows how both Reds and silvers have prejudices, and how people at various levels of society are viewing Mare Barrow during her imprisonment with King Maven Calore.


In 321 NE, Lyrisa is on the run, trying to escape her betrothed, Orrian Cygnet. She manages to get to the docks of the Ohius river where she offers to pay ten times the rate to get aboard captain Ashe's boat. When the captain realizes she is Silver, Lyrisa lies and says she was travelling north into the Lakelands when her convoy was attacked by rebels. She claims that she was the only survivor but wants everyone to keep believing she died with the rest of her convoy. Ashe reluctantly accepts to transport her, along with a Red family.

During the journey, the crew and the passengers talk about rumors that they have heard on the waters and on the port - gossip about the Nortan royalty losing their status and power and about a Red girl who has Silver abilities who goes by the name of Mare Barrow. Lyrisa and the Red servants aboard the keel make it clear that Mare was not with King Maven Calore of her own free will, rebuking Ashe who had mistakenly thought she sounded genuine in her broadcast.

Along the way, their keel is attacked by Orrian who is chasing Lyrisa in an attempt to get her back. The princess jumps into the water, risking her life to save the Red boy travelling with them, pulled underwater by Orrian's nymph ability. With Ashe and his crew's help, they manage to escape. Ashe is puzzled by Lyrisa's actions to save a Red, and despite knowing the risks, he decides to transfer the four members of the Red family to a fellow captain's boat and continues helping Lyrisa.

When Orrian and his Silver nobles eventually catch up to them and attack the boat again, Lyrisa, Ashe and his crew put in motion the plan they had previously discussed and explode the keel. Lyrisa tosses Ashe off the boat to save him and proceeds to kill Orrian, severing his head from his body. She manages to escape the boat and decides to stay low in the water until Ashe and his crew move on from the bank of the river, where they are waiting to see if there were any survivors. Even though Lyrisa believes it is best if no one knows she is alive, she eventually decides to approach Ashe and Big Ean when she finds them in the market town, accepting the challenge to arm wrestle Big Ean.




  • This novella is the main characters debut in the series.
  • The story enriches the world of the Red Queen series itself. We hear the names of new cities, namely Geminas, Memphia and Mizostium.
  • World Behind attempts to equalize each of the Red and Silver stances. Reds are just as prejudiced as Silvers, and just because someone is a Silver doesn't mean their life is easy and wonderful. The novella also shows how people in different levels of society perceived the events happening at the time.[1]